Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Monday!!!

Or should I say sad Monday.... hubby starts his new job today.... he's off to Venice and then all over Europe. This new job is "supposed" to work better for us (the operative word is SUPPOSED). He's on about 20-23 days on and around 20 days off..... we'll see how it works. He might even see if it works to do 20 on and 10 off. Anyways, he'll be doing japanese tours so it should bring in more money than he's making now, plus he's used to doing these tours.... the people are so much easier to work with and not such long hours like his last job. The only part that sucks is that he's gone a bit longer. The sacrifice better be worth it. Anyways, we enjoyed our couple of days with "Ba" a lot! We went to Sarnico on Lago d'Iseo to visit with our friends Marino and Elena and their family. That town is so much nicer than ours! They actually do stuff for their citizens like installing AWESOME parks for parents and kids. They have great markets and the city is just so pretty on the lake.... we would totally consider moving there if we could.... G even told me to look into the real estate listings on the web. Even Paratico would be nice. It's on the other side if the river but it literally feels like all the same city. That little bridge in the photo is what joins the towns. Plus the city has so many beautiful villas all along the lake.... like so beautiful George Clooney should seriously consider buying one. They are fantastic. If you google Sarnico you should find some amazing picts.

Anyways, I know I am trying to keep up with the Monday Mojo thing but I'm not really upto it today.... sulkingis more my mood I suppose.... but I won't leave you empty handed... I found this little linky for a great do it yourself project at The Long Thread... It's an adorable little kids' drawing case.



Ms. Chyme said...

Everything will be okay dear...

Mama Hen said...

Hello Melissa! We all have those days. Its OK, just do something that makes you happy. My husband travels a lot! It can be difficult, but I am thankful that we are secure. Thank you for your kind comment over at Mama's Little Chick! I love your blog also! I sure wish that I could go to Europe. I have not been since my grandparents passed away. I hope you have a great day!
Mama Hen

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Beautiful Pictures. Your blog makes me miss Italy so bad!

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