Friday, September 23, 2011

A Little Move.

Well, it's been a while since I blogged here and you are probably thinking I dropped off the face of the earth.... well, not completely, I did drop off the face of Italy. Yes, we have made the GIANT move once more back to Canada.

Since I can't share my life and experiences in Italy with you anymore, I sadly will be neglecting this little bloggy from now on but I am making the big move over to my other blog:

I would love it if you could pop over there upon occasion. I love my readers and hope you will follow me in my move to hear about my experinces here as a Prairie Mom... it may not include gondolas or mideval castles but I hope to bring you great features, funny stories and other little crafty party ideas.

So this is where I say "Ciao!" to this blog and "Ciao" to my new blog.... gotta love how the italian language makes it easier for us other earth dwellers to remember how to say hi and bye ;P

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wow! The dust on this thing...

Ok, so bad blogger!

I have neglected this little bloggy for a very long time.... and so I thought I would give her a little attention... and update.

We have been crazy busy these last few months. The big move this past March when my girls and myself made the big flight from Italy back to Canada. Then starting a full time job on top of it... If any of you have followed the Lissy In Italy blog then you know I haven't worked in a few years. Quite the change. Now hubby has made the move as well finally after staying back home and cleaning up the appartment for renters or buyers.

Bella Expressions has been busy too! Sales are increasing and this busy momma is finding herself even busier. So much so, I am finally taking a chance at a one night getaway with my girlfriends. A day of shopping tomorrow and probably a fantastic dinner date with my 2 BFFs. Us mommas have been wanting one of these get-to-gethers for a few years now. I am so excited.

What's on our schedule? We're taking in the St. Albert market in the morning and heading to the new Hole's - we hear it is really something to check out. Then off to some shopping. SHOPPING! Now that's something I used to love. See, it became my nemisis almost in a country of fashion. Me having 2 girls in the past 4 years has not left me with my pre-momma figure.... and I was living in a country where everyone was a size 0 (is zero even really a size? Wouldn't it mean you were non-existent... anyways...). So yes, shopping became a painful experience. I'm hoping I can dive right in tomorrow and enjoy myself instead of shopping like I used to (if it fits, buy it cuz the kids are squirming). I'll actually have time to try clothes on... peruze the aisles... I'm getting almost giddy! Ha! Ha!

Well, I'm off to bed. I have to pack in the morning for my overnight stay.
Night night!
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