Monday, June 07, 2010

Gosh! I can't believe it's been a week since I blogged! Bad blogging momma! I had good intentions to try and keep up with this little thing but hence, it's summer, it's hot and hubby's away at work which means, more walking trips to the grocery store with the kiddies and more walks to the local coffee bar so Isabella can use her little shovel and pail in the pea gravel there (as our town has the most crappy and unsafe playgrounds I've ever seen!) Isabella doesn't mind, infact she usually asks to stay longer. haha!

So to keep my sanity I've been trying to get my crafty mojo back on. I've ordered fabric and I bought some more yarn... did I mention I sold my first hat the other day? Made 20 euro! Plus I got a few free things at the local coffee bar... The lady that works there (it's her family bar) ordered one for her 6 month old neice... she didn't have any colors in mind and had seen 2 different hats I made for the girls (a floppy hobo sunhat and a newsboy) and gave me full freedom on colours and style... I settled on newsboy as I figured it would stay on baby's tiny head better. Little ones are always pulling at hats (or at least my Sofia did). Anyways, she loved it, and I mean LOOOOVVVED it! The last 2 times I went for coffee I didn't pay for anything cuz she paid for my stuff then the second time the baby's mom was working and offered everything on the house again. Woot Woot! Apparently it was a wild hit!!! Auntie even asked if she could ask again in the future for more hats.... I said sure, I could do up a little kitty winter hat if she liked. I think I'll be getting another order :) This is Sofia modelling it.... it's a bit tight as it's for a 6 month old but it sure is cute on her!

So anyways, back to fabric, I ordered some cute fabric in the past and made some skirts for the girls out of some fat quarters.... and now I'm hooked. I ordered some more and saw this shop (see below) with the most adorable items and thought, I wanna make something cuter than just a skirt. I didn't get a pattern yet, I figured, I'm crafty, let's see what I can come up with.... I'll keep ya posted on how things go. This is the fabric... isn't it fun?

This shop has awesome patterns, click the picture above to check out her blog. She also has an Etsy Shop.

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