Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Page Pet

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Monday, September 07, 2009

I'm so Anxious!

So I got an email saying our hats will be here soon from the Etsy Shop "What's On A Name" (see post below). Oh I can't wait to get them! Isabella has already seen me checking out the shop and asked "Bella hat too? Fia hat too?" I told her yep, mommy was getting here a pretty new hat and Fia one too - here's hoping Sofia will were the darn thing! Let's just say that anytime we put something on Sofia's head, she rips it off immediately.... so we'll see how it goes... I may just have to come up with some cute little earflap additions to attach to the hat!


So that said, we are also waiting to get a package from nonna and nonno....
they picked us up some new "backpacks" like Dora the Explorer's. Ok so these backpacks are WAYYYY cuter than Dora's pack and they come with an ingenious little tail (ok leash people). Anyways, we had such a hard time finding one for Isabella before we came back to Italy, we figured we better put the grandparents on the lookout for another one for when Sofia starts running around. We also had grandma pick up a few extra, seeing as how we've been stopped NUMEROUS times here in Italy by people wanting to check out the brilliant little bag.

These backpacks are a Godsend to anyone who has a strong-spirited (good choice of words hey?) wee one. Isabella has escaped from us in a parking lot a few times while trying to get her into the car and she so is not about to hold our hands when we go for a walk.
Check this out!

Ok, so I found this awesome shop via "Our Homeschool Fun blog"
OHF blog is doing a freebie giveaway of one of Kid-N Around Creations felt food packs.

I went to check out the shop and found these:
Are they not just the cutest you've seen? And they are great toys to pack up in your purse cuz they really aren't that bulky or heavy. They are so bright and fun as well!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

How Do You Eat Your Cookies?

This is how Sofia eats.... isn't it cute?

Freebie Alert!
So I thought I'd give out a little freebie to go along with my newest kit....
It's in shop right now.... so what are you waiting for?
Get over there and scoop up the kit while it's on sale and grab the freebie as well!
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