Saturday, May 26, 2007

Finally Got Another Page of My Own Done!

I've been busy working on a little book for the older couple that live below us. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year so G asked me if I could do up some pges for them if he got her to give us a few picts... I finally got it done today so I had a bit of time to do this page.

Monday, May 21, 2007

My Visual DNA

Sunday, May 20, 2007

So Here's What we've Been Upto....

I'm going to start back a week and show you what we did on my first Mother's Day...

Hubby, me, Isabella, G's sister and her husband all went to spend the afternoon at Mantova... It's a gorgeous city close by here. It has a castle, a historical centre city and it's on the lake. We ended up taking a little boat tour which was so nice cuz it was really hot.... it provided a nice breeze once we got going. Here's some picts...
Then after the tour we walked around a bit and then stopped for... what else... GELATO!!!! Yummy! You can't see it all but it was BIG and the cute little stars... they are chocolate! It had cherries on it and yummy whip cream and yummy cherry syrup in the bottom! So that was my first Mommy's Day.


Then, this past Friday, poor Isabella had to have her first immunizations... two big needles... one in each leg. She was so good though! We were lined up behind 4 other moms and tots and each one cried so loud... you could tell when each one was finished. Then each person left the doctor's office with a little one with eyes full of tears. Ours... well, she cried all of MAYBE 30 seconds! How good was she hey? We were so proud of her that after we were done, we checked out the market that was on in Monticelli and ended up buying her a bit bigger size of cute pink pants and this super duper cute skirt! What a cutie hey?


And finally, yesterday G had to take a group of people from here in Castelvetro to the ZOO!!!! (Check out So he had me pack her up and be ready to go with them incase there was a few extra seats on the bus... well, we did get to go.

It was an awesome day! Really sunny but if you stayed in the shade it was nice and cool. Isabella was still kind of in sleep mode from the shot the day before. (The immunization shot they said would make her sleep a lot most likely... and it did!) We saw all linds of animals and birds and reptiles. Well, instead of me chatting away, here's a bunch of picts....
The first pict... you could buy stuff to feed the little deer in dispenser machines (the kind you bought gumballs in when you were a kid) for 10 cents. The 2nd photo... this was a group of monkeys, but this one in particular had a baby. If you look carefully, that's the itty bitty baby holding onto mom's leg. 3rd photo... cute little seals. The smaller ones were playing in the water while the big fatter ones were too busy catching some sun.
1st photo: there were 3 bears in this pit. The poor things, it was so hot. 2nd photo... PENGUINS! These guys were dressed in their best duds to entertain the kids. 3rd photo... flamingos. Who doesn't love anything in pink?
1st photo... this poor elephant. We did feel sorry for it. It was just swaying back and forth in the same spot both times we went past it. 2nd photo... raccoons... I'm sure these lil bandits were upto something fishy! 3rd photo... giraffs, and a lot of them! These ones didn't look as big as the male. He was so big!
1st photo... some big kitties! They were harder to see because they were in the back of their "space" hiding out in the shade. 2nd photo... camels. There was a lil baby camel, you can see it in the top corner of the pict. 3rd photo... white tiger... how gorgeous!
1st photo... rhinosaurus. Poor guy must have been cooking in the sun! 2nd photo... big turtles. There were 2 big guys. When we walked in there was a spot where there were a bunch of parrots and other tropical birds and itty bitty turles. 3rd photo... leopards. These are supposed to be a new addition this year. They are so gorgeous! I'd love to see one run (not at me that is!)
1st photo... white kangaroo. There was a pen with other kangaroos and they had a baby or 2 in there. They really don't look that big at all! I was surprised. 2nd photo... this guy was wearing his prison duds! These zebras are so beautiful! 3rd photo... "I like to move it! Move it! You like to move it! Move it!" Yep, it's the lil guys from Madagascar!
And of course we had to get a few cute picts with Isabella... being her first visit to the zoo and all.
And remember what I said about how we felt when we got home? Well, as I was posting that on this blog... these 2 were going to save a spot for me in the bed cuz there was a good movie on G wanted to watch... yep, I think it's a lil hard to watch TV with your eyes closed! It was such a cute site I had to take a pict! Isabella's mouth was hanging open, hubby was slumped over... I'm surprised there was no snoring going on!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Our BIG Day...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

Monday, May 14, 2007

My Cute Preggy Friend...

So my friend Dori is starting her 32nd week... I can't believe it! She's so cute in this pict they recently had taken at my other friend's daughter's baptism. Dori's tummy is so cute and round I had to scrap a page of them.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Starting to catch up!

I am finally getting some of all the picts we've taken of Isabella scrapped... here's another one.
Busy Today...

Well, I finally got some of these pictures scrapped today. I love the picts I took of G and Isabella... it was so last minute. G had a bit of time at home so I said I wanted to take some picts of them together before she really started getting big. I threw up my black backdrop and just started snapping. So many turned out great (esp after fiddling with them in Picasa and Photoshop). Now we just have to find time for the 3 of us to take a pict together.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Sunshine...

Saturday, May 05, 2007

A New Page....

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Our Cutie Patootie!

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