Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sweet Notes on Sunday.

Well I've been busy this week. I had a few card orders and I'm trying to finish up some work for a bride-to-be for her wedding. I also got asked to make a hat for a lady who works at the coffee shop right by my house. She wants one for her neice and said she just loves the hats I made for the girls. Friday my best friend back in Canada had a baby girl... Alyssa Eileen... she was almost a 9lber!!!! Very cute. I'm anxious to see more photos in the future and to hear how big sis Brenna is adjusting. I guess I better get that surprise for the new baby finished now!

Yesterday hubby was home. He's been gone for 2 weeks for work, oh the life of a tour bus driver (especially these days with the whole after effects of the hit on the stock market.) Hubby was lucky to find work... it just really sucks that he's gone for 2 weeks and only home for 1 day. The girls are totally out of sorts when he's home too. Sofia especially. Ok, so she's the baby and can be a bit of a whiner sometimes but holy man! Seriously, she is so draining the days G is home. All she does is cry all day and wants to be physically attached to G all day. If I try to change her she cries. If it looks like I'm coming to pick her up, she cries. If I'm actually holding her and need to put her down, the waterworks come flooding in! Seriously, I think I need to drink the days G is home... Sofia just might be more tolerable! haha! Thank goodness Isabella usually behaves.

Just a little shot of my table-top-balcony cherry tomatoes. So cute!

Anyways, we got some good news! We got a new playhouse for the girls... FREE!!! Ok so it's not new new... but it's new to us and that's all that matters. Everyday when we walk to get groceries we pas "nonna Maria's" house and her neighbour has a playhouse in the backyard I have been eying up. It doesn't look like they use it and I never see any smaller kids there so maybe they are all grown up I think. Of course I never remember to ask Nonna Maria. So yesterday I made hubby drive by to take a peek at it and see what he thought... there were people in the backyard, YAY! So he asked them about it and first thing they said was "want it?" HELL YEAH! G didn't even have to pay for it!! BONUS!!! The cheapest one we've found costs over one hundred euros!!! Can this frugal momma get a WOOT WOOT! So hubby brought it upstairs to put on the balcony (with a little help from our friend Adriano who showed up at the perfect time might I add.) It just needs a good cleaning. It's covered in cobwebs and dirt. Should be a fun day today when I let the girls go out on the balcony.

Yeah, I think they like it.

Just a shot of our little "garden" and playhouse.


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Mommy Vandy said...

Your blog is beautiful...I love the vibrant colors. You're a great photographer as well!

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