Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursdays, Thoughts. I've been busy lately... apart from my girls that is.
I have a few Etsy shops (see the right side for my links) and my birthday cards (especially my ice cream one) have been selling like hotcakes! The ice cream theme must be a wildly new popular theme for birthdays! I actually did this card up for a friend a couple of years ago. Anyways, I have it in a sort of girly style so I thought I'd offer a version that would suit the little gentleman in your life. I also added a cuppy cake invite for my clients. It's oh so scrumptious! I'm just in love with it now! I might have to try and spin it for a baby announcement! We'll see. Here's the two new cards:

So I have been staring at this computer so much lately I felt I needed a non-electrical craft release. I bought some fab fabric fat quarters off Etsy and have been trying to decide what to do with them. Originally I though I might make a cute little clutch but I've been seeing so many cute skirts on Etsy lately I thought I'd use the fabric for a new skirt for Isabella.... I'm trying to figure out the best way to work it so it will work for Sofia too.... we'll see what I come up with.... I am sewing it all by hand... yes I'm throwing back to the days of pioneers...haha! I actually am doing this by hand because I don't have a sewing machine... it's on my "honey I want" list. Apparently hubby's brother has their mom's old sewing machine so I asked G to call Davide to see if I can steal it from him for a little while until I get my own. G's sis is coming this weekend to bring some little ride on cars for the girls. We are in search for a little playhouse for the girls to put on our balcony for the crappy rainy days and for the super hot days. See our condo's backyard is in full, super hot sun in the afternoon. It's just too hot even for me to be out there. I figured at least they can play in the playhouse on the balcony with the blinds pulled and still get some fresh air. I hope we can find a used one cuz really, those plastic houses don't really get too worn out before the kids grow out of them.... heck, then maybe we can pass it onto Elisabetta and Alessandro. Ale is G's nephew and we recently found out they are expecting! And it gets better! Betta is due right around Sofia's birthday! Maybe we can celebrate together! I'm already on the hunt for baby gift ideas!.... I might have to make a cute monkey hat or something!

So that's about it. I'm trying to get my Suzy Homemaker on and actually craft something by hand. It's no less strain on the eyes but for some reason it just feels so much more relaxing. As soon as I get it done, I'll post some photos.

Have a great Thursday and I'd love to see what you are all busy with!


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