Friday, July 31, 2009

This was on TV tonight.... I love this movie! Aside from the beautiful shots of the Italian countryside... it's just got such a warm fuzzy feeling to it. I just love how Diane Lane pulls herself up and throws herself into the unknown... and in a different country might I add.... ok so it has some resemblance to my life (ok a lot! hehe) but that's not why I like it. It's just a wonderful "chick flick" to watch.

Everytime I see it I tell hubby, one day I'd like to see Cortona and Positano... ok so Positano is a bit far away but hey a girl can dream hey? Diane did and her dreams came true in one way or another in the film ;)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Scraps!

Here's some pages I managed to get finished the past few days while the girls had their naps. These are inspired by the challenges over at Shabby Pickle. TFL!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well, we went to visit G's friend Edy who's a hairstylist and we all (well not G) ended up leaving with new haircuts! Even Sofia got a little trim to all 4 hairs on her head! Isabella lost all her tiny little ringlets but Edy said if we cut it it should start to grow faster.... hence the new "boyish" cut. Oh well, no barrets or piggies for a while now. Hee! Hee!

Mask by Benthai Creations
Last Sunday Giovanni took us gals to the pool at Fiorenzuola for an afternoon of "chuffy chuffy" as Isabella says. Isabella LOVED it! She wasn't scared of the water at all which was awesome but G really had to watch her cuz she would just keep walking and walking deeper and deeper. She even tried to go into the deeper pool! Sofia got to dunk her feet but of course she didn't stay too long at it was naptime so we hung out under the trees relaxing, reading my magazine, people watching and yes... she slept... for 2 1/2 hours! All that fresh air I guess. She loves her naps in the stroller.

Tomorrow G has to take some people to the pool so he's going to cart us along. Well, better go. Have to make pasta salad to take tomorrow and Sofia just woke up. Here's a pict of Isabella swimming.


Mask by Kimla Designs


Don't forget my sale going on at Bella Style ( I have a few kits discounted!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Shiny New Layout!

Like the new look? Thought this tired old blog was in need of a facelift, especially since I hadn't updated it in 2 years. Maybe it will inspire me to blog here a bit more:)

And if you've been following my design blog/store, you'll recognize all the yummy stuff I used for the layout... yup... it's my Sofia kit. Apparently I'm on a huge purple kick these days as half my wardrobe (ok so maybe more than half) is in different shades of this royal colour. Seriously, I'm not really sure if I've ever even owned a shirt in purple before, and now look at me! Ha! Ha!

So anyways, not too much new with us. Hubby is working steady (thank goodness as there's a tourism crisis - ok employment crisi alltogether)and the girls are growing like weeds. Yesterday Sofia turned 7 months old! Wow how time flies. I've been trying to do some scrapping and designing.... I have a yummy little summer kit coming out soon...

Hubby's been looking around for new vehicles.... our 14 year old clunker that we bought to get G back and forth to work is proving to be a little tight for us 3 ladies.... you know it's bad when you have to open the car door to do up your seatbelt! It's a bit snug for Isabella's car seat, Sofia's car seat and me all in the back plus when we throw our double stroller in the back there really isn't room for anything else! Hubby has been eyeing up.... HOLD YOURSELF PEOPLE..... (this is where the scarey "REE REE REE" music comes into play)... a family VAN! Ah yes, I may have to give in to the "soccer mom mini-van" thing. Well actually the van he's eyeing up isn't so mini.... we could probably fit the whole team in the van it's so big! It's a Renault (yes we Canadian/Italians will probably be driving a french car haha). It's actually a cool idea inside... 2 of the seats face backwards and there's a table that pops up, it's just kind of boxy looking on the outside is all. G wants something comfortable to move around in for the times we go to the sea or the mountains or make the long 6 hour excursion down to see the relates in Abruzzo.
That's the beast there.

Well, Sofia is getting squirmy so gotta sign off!
Ciao folks!
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