Monday, July 30, 2007

Time with family
We got to spend a little time with Giovanni's family which was really nice... too bad we couldn't stay longer.
Giovanni's aunt Evelina and Isabella Nonna Nina as we call her. She's the mother of Giovanni's aunt (who married his uncle). She turned 100 years old this January.... so we have 100 years difference in this photo.
Giovanni's cousin Anna and Marissa, the wife of Giovanni's cousin
Evelina getting the oven ready to make pizza.... best pizza I ever had!
And us with the pizza Giovanni and Evelina made... YUMMY!
Return to Pettorano Sul Gizio
This is the town where Giovanni was born. It's apparently the oldest town in Italy (or so we heard on TV). It's near Sulmona in Abruzzo if your interested.
Giovanni and Isabella on the balcony at his aunt Guiseppina's house. The view of Pettorano from our balcony
Pettorano... it's really old and pretty
One of the streets... seriously... you wouldn't believe how narrow they are... there was like an inch on each side of the mirrors when we passed through some streets. Some are by foot only (well most streets that is.)
The fountain in the square.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Alberobello... and the truli houses...
This is outside the village... a more rustic style. At Alberobello.... these buildings are protected now. People still live in them and use them but people are not able to knock them down to rebuild something new.
A 500 FIAT Stationwagon!!!!
Another family photo... aren't we fab?
Beautiful view!
San Benedetto Part 2
This is the view of the beach from the top of our hotel All along the beach, the street was done up with palms and water features.... really nicely done!
Isabella on the beach
Just before she got mad that she couldn't actually pick up the sand like her toys
Giovanni and Isabella along the beach front
" Princess Grace" as G calls her in her sunglasses
The sunrise over our part of the beach
AnnaMaria, Michele, Giovanni and Isabella.... it was her 4 month birthday so we bought a torte.
Momma and Sweet Cheeks on the beach
Family photo time!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Finally... San Benedetto...

Sand and sea, here we come!

This is the view from our balcony
Isabella enjoying a lil playtime in the sand
and playing in the water too
of course that pooped her out so a lil cuddle time on the beach
and yet another nap time... this lil blow up boat worked great for a bed too
Our Vacation...

So here's a few picts.... I didn't have time to frame them up nicely but I'm sure you'll love them anyways. I have quite a few picts and not a lot of time tonight so I'll post just a few and you'll just have to keep checking back to see more.

Starting off at Loreto...

Above, Giovanni, Michele, AnnaMaria and Isabella. Check out the view!

The piazza in Loreto.... the cathedral is gorgeous inside and out! chalk drawings near the fountain in the piazza
inside the cathedral

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New Sunglasses!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Our Canada Day In Italy...

So here's a few update pictures...
First off... I made Giovanni stop here to take some picts because the sunflower field was so pretty. I was hoping Isabella would be awake for a picture but of course, after a nice little trip in the car, she was out cold sleeping.... so it's just G and me. Pretty hey?

This was our Canada Day... G's friend Luca finally had a day off from the tours so we got together for a BBQ at Mary's mom's place. It was so pretty there. We sat outside and ate under this big kiwi plant. This place has a great view of the mountains all around.Isabella sporting her new sunglasses we bought for when we go to the sea on our vacation... what a cutie posing and all!These are the kiwi plants growing all over the trellis where we ate. I've never seen a kiwi plant before so I had to take a picture.And this corn was crazy tall... I'm standing really close so you can get the idea of how tall it really is.And of course we wanted to get a nice group photo.Mary and Luca with Isabella.
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