Thursday, May 13, 2010

Well, today was busy.

We did a bit of shopping this morning.
I finally remembered to buy some grappa for hubby. He was on a tour with clients one time and they were given this drink to try. He was told that if you put rose petals into grappa and let it sit, it makes a wonderful flavoured grappa like the one they tasted. Ok, so this chick isn't at all into grappa (gimme a glass of wine and I'm happy) but we'll see if his concoction works like the other time he tasted it. If you aren't sure what grappa is like, imagine drinking terpentine.... ok so it's not that bad but I believe it's comparable to Newfoundland's famous "screach" I believe it's called. Germans have their schnapps, Russians have their vodka... Italians have grappa.
Anyways, G bought me beautiful roses for Mother's Day so he said when they start to wilt, wash them off and stuff them in the bottle...

This afternoon, both girls fell asleep during "quiet time." I've started calling it this as Sofia needs her nap and usually Isabella doesn't want to nap and fusses... hence "quiet time." Sofia dozed off right away and I turned around to look at Isabella on the couch and boom, out like a light... "YES! QUIET MOMMY TIME!" No, not "mommy productive time" or "mommy clean the kitchen time"... "Quiet Mommy WASTE TIME time". I got a chance to check out some blogs I've been wanting to check back into and found a few new ones... of course, they are all crafty or sewing ones.... just what I need to jumpstart the ideas of "oh I should try that". As if I don't already have enough to do. Let's see..... I started a bag for my double stroller so I actually have my own cup holder - yep, it's not finished.... I have a gifty for my friend Sherry who's expecting.... yep, not quite finished yet either... let's see..... I have to finish flowers for Sofia's sun hat.... and I have a bunch of yarn I bought to make some more flower headbands and hats and whatever else.... plus I'm waiting for fabric to arrive so I can sew myself a purse (yes the one mentioned in a previous post). I'm sure I'm forgetting something. I seem to be good at that these days.

As for forgetting things.... did anyone ever tell you (assuming you have kids) that after the birth of your children, you lose all memory? I didn't see that one in any of the books I read.... or at least I don't remember reading it ;) Lately my memory has gone to pot! I'm surprised I haven't left a kid somewhere. My hubby gets so frustrated cuz he'll tell me to do something for him and in a few days he'll ask me about it and I'll respond with "What? You asked me to do that?" I think it's just that I have such a busy day that if it's not something on the usual routine, it easily gets forgotten. Anyone else find this? I'd love to hear!

This afternoon turned out with a surprise. I got the kids in the stroller so we could go pick up a few more petunias (crazy flower lady me) and when we got there, the shop was closed..... ah, wonderful Italy. Yes, it's normal. I just didn't realize that flower shops fall under the category of businesses that are closed Thursday afternoons.

See there's a lot to remember when you want to do shopping here as well. See, some coffee shops (like the one near our house) are closed Monday until late afternoon because they are open Saturday and Sunday. Restaurants I believe are closed Tuesdays.... for the same reasons.... grocery stores are closed Thursdays... same reasons I believe. Now for the twist... if I was to go into Cremona (the city across the river 4 kms away) the days would be different. Why? Because it is a different region (that's province to us Canadians or State to Americans). Hell I'm screwed! Like my brain doesn't function well enough to remember to buy grappa for my hubby for like 2 months among other things.

Anyways, it didn't make the long walk quite so bad. Since we were there I decided to check out the street near the shop. Turns out there's a nice quiet little park/playgound back there. If you know me, you know I have an issue with this and our town.

Our town has 2 playgrounds built quite close together ON A MAJOR HIGHWAY that runs through our town. Ok so you are thinking that doesn't sound quite so terrible.... wait for it....neither one has any sort of fence or hedge or anything around it! Let's just say the girls have never been to them because it's totally not safe enough for me. There are semi truck just motoring down that road. Hell, cars don't even stop for us at the crosswalk.... surprisingly it's usually the semi truck that stop for me to cross the road. I told hubby that one day I'm gonna have to pop open my shirt just to cross the road... maybe then someone will stop! One time a car was slowing down to stop and SOME ASSHOLE IN A BMW ACTUALLY SPEEDS UP AND PASSES HIM! Yes, oneday someone is gonna get an apple or water bottle chucked at their car!

Anyways, this playground is right near where I go for groceries so now we can make a pit stop there and let the girls play on the slide and swings. Isabella was so pleased she actually didn't fight coming home tonight for supper cuz I said we'd go back tomorrow if it wasn't raining.

Well, that was my day... and my usual rant about idiot Italian drivers... and Castelvetro's playgrounds..... (ok enough ranting already - back away from the keyboard!)

Hope everyone else had a productive Thursday!



beingzaraandzidan said...

Oo nice blog! i stopped by from Mbc. I am sure following u & hope u do too as its great to make new mummy blogger friends!

FrouFrouBritches said...

Seriously? Grocery stores are CLOSED on Thursdays? How in the world do you keep up with who is closed when?

If it makes you feel better, I have four kids and I can't remember squat! I cannot even remember what I ate for breakfast half the time. I know Hubby thinks "what happened to her? She used to be smart!" Maybe it's old age, in my case.

Love you blog, btw!

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