Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wow! I won my first blog award! Good thing I got back to blogging. Well, Tv's Take gave me this little award but there's apparently a catch! You are supposed to share the sunshine love by passing it onto 12 other favorite blogs.... wow! 12! I'm not sure the kidlets will allow me enough time to list 12 so I'll add what I can. - seriously, these cakes are AMAZING! I'm in love with the Cake Boss but these I would have to say are even better! - beautiful visual eye candy. - I love her sense of style - so many wonderful things! - Tanny has the best cards! She's so creative and a friend of a friend too! - absolute craft heaven! so many wonderful projects, so little time!
Well, that's all the kids will allow... gotta go make lunch!

Here's a few things I'm lovin' lately!
(links below left to right, top to bottom)
Fabulous Fabric, Cute Wall Decal, Ruffled Skirt, Ruffled Bloomers, Noodle Noggin's beanie, Flower beanie perfect for me, Russian Nesting Dolls that I've always loved, Gussy bags, Make Your Own Cupcakes,
So here's another thing I'm lovin'... those damn skinny jeans.... oh gone are the days when I would try to wear these...
The other weekend when we were out and about doing some shopping when hubby was home, we saw this chick with cute skinnies on and those adorable little bootie high heel shoes and hubby asked my why I don't wear something like that. Ok, I have to admit, when the girl walked passed, even I turned to look... of course this girl was your typical young Italian girl I see EVERYWHERE here.....stylish, THIN! I told G it wouldn't happen until I lost some of this weight I still had from the babies... (ok, so I know it's ben 17 months since Sofia was born but in my subconcience I believe that I'm still holding onto some weight because of the breastfeeding... ok crock of SH*T). I mean, look at these girls.... Beyonce is known for her lucious curves and Jessica Simpson isn't size 00 anymore and is fine with it (despite the terrible critisizm she's taken over THOSE jeans). Why is it that when I went to H&M and actually tried a pair on, all my mind said was "Holy crap you're fat!" I really only have 4 or 5 kg to lose to return to pre-baby (Isabella) weight but I am so not motivated to get on it these days even with the summer looming in. Arg! Maybe next fall..... did I mention I ate buttered popcorn while writing this? Yeah.... that's like eating ice cream while watching Biggest Loser. Maybe tomorrow...



TidyMom said...

Congrats on your award!! How sweet of you to pass it on to me!! Thanks so much!
Have a GREAT weekend!

Alli said...

Thanks Lissy! Adorable blog ;) I love your designs too! I'm so jealous that you are in Italy - it's always been a place on my list of "must travel" places.

beingzaraandzidan said...

Awww thats really nice! congrats!!
It sure feels good!

Mama Hen said...

Hey there! I just won an award too!! It is so great to be appreciated! Congratulations! You deserve it!! Hope to see you around the Hen House! Have a great Sunday!

Mama Hen

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