Monday, June 28, 2010

Aquarium at Genova and Chiavari

We spent the day at the aquarium in Genova yesterday and it was a hit with the kids.... ok, us adults too. I kind of expected it to be a bit bigger but it was still pretty interesting and it was great to see the reactions and expressions the kids made. Our neighbour and her daughter came along for the ride so the girls were especially excited to have Angelika come along.

So onto the photos... above is the old sailboat in the Genova port right near the aquarium. It's really quite spectacular. I can't imagine sailing on one of those! Below are a few of the creatures we saw... an eel, several kinds of sharks, tropical fish (including Dory and Nemo and the gang),and that's little Sofia checking out the dolphin.We saw seahorses, manatees, seals, jellyfish (like below) big blue fish (Isabella is trying to kiss him.... I think he quite liked her dress), little turtles, big sea turtles, crocodiles, frogs, lizards... did I mention I got to touch a sting ray? They have some sting rays in a pool where you can touch them... that is if they will come to you. It was so cool! At first I was chicken, but I tried again and it was so cool! Their backs feel like they are all slimey and pimply... and along the edge of their bodies, they are really smooth and slimy... such a wierd feeling!

Then when we were all fishied out... we headed to Chiavari for some beach time.... well, we only stayed a few hours and paid way too much for the beach chairs but it was still fun. Maria had never actually been to the sea and either had Angelika so she was super excited. Sofia on the other hand wanted no part of this sticky, dirty sand business.... she was staying put on mommy's chair... we did get her to get down and play a little but when mommy added a tiny bit of water to the sand so it wasn't so dusty, that was the end of it. We then headed for ice cream and a little walk along the sea just to make sure the girls were good and pooped out. It was a pretty great day!

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