Friday, June 25, 2010

So I know, I've been MIA for a little bit but for a good reason.... HUBBY'S HOME! He's been gone for almost a month so I'm taking full advantage of any days he has home with his girls. We've already been very busy running everywhere.

Yesterday we enjoyed a day at the Fiorenzuola pool (see picts). It was awesome. Nice warm day, the pool was a tad cool but it felt good. The kids had a blast too. They were both asleep before we got out of town.
Tonight begins the festival for our town. There's awesome food, torte fritte, music, torte fritte, and dancing... did I mention there's torte fritte? Torte fritte is soooooo yummy (see photo). Basically it's fried bread.... so bad for you I'm sure, but sooooo gooood!

We're also trying to organize a trip to the zoo. I think the girls will love it and the Cornelle zoo is awesome! They have little vending machines (like those old bubblegum ones) so you can feed some of the animals and one cage has a tube-like cage that runs above where you walk over to another cage for the monkeys to pass through... but beware... last time we were there the people watching the bears got peed on!!! Too funny!!! They also put these little ribbons up when babies are born so you know which animals have babies and what sex in the cages... blue is for boys and pink for girls of course. I'll of course post picts of that trip. We were thinking Monday but a friend of ours who's been taking groups of kids there said Sunday would be less busy. So Sunday it might be.

So if you really looked at our pool picts you might have noticed something missing.... nope, not me! Like I'd let you see me in a bathing suit! Ha! Ha! Nope, the photos are missing a handfull of pretty little curls! We went to see our friend Edy the other day so this momma could get her hair cut and I figured I'd get him to fix the chop job momma did on Isabella's hair... and did he ever! He chopped off all the year's worth of growing ringlets... ok so they were only about an inch long but it took her a year to get it that long! Then Sofia was up... for just a tiny trim off the back as she likes to shake her hair... yep, those curls gone too! Oh well, Edy said their hair should grow in better (thicker I guess) now.... I hope it grows quick cuz I have 2 pretty little girls who could easily pass for boys!!! Sofia is sportin' that little pixie cut that Julia Roberts got that made everyone gasp! If only Sofia had a major role like Tinkerbell in a movie to make up for it! Oh well, it'll be cooler for the summer I guess... GROW HAIR! GROW!!!

I also am very excited to announce that we have a shiny new addition to the family.... a sewing machine!!!! It was in the stars for me! I've wanted one for a little while now.... and the other day G's sister saw an ad on the tv about a sewing machine for sale for only 79 euros!!! WOOT! WOOT! So this morning we went to see what it's like.... ok so it's not a Singer or Brother like the one I had in Canada but this one I think I'm gonna enjoy... it has like a ba-zillion styles of stitches! I can't wait to try it out!

Now onto a few great Etsy finds...

thatstoocuteboutique has these cute personalized towels perfect for the pool or beach!

I'm adding this cute little "ouch pouch" to the list as Isabella has "owies" on her feet from the pool yesterday where to rough tiles rubbed off some skin... and because we all have a bit of red skin....
PillowSewCute has a huge variety of ouch pouches for you to choose from.
Well, that's all I can write today.... Hope you all have a great weekend!


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