Friday, June 11, 2010

Here's a few lemony fresh finds from Etsy sellers:

1. Lemon Luggage 2. Rose and Lemon Soap 3. Yellow Plaid Dress 4. Little Lady Felt Brooch 5. Vintage Yellow Purse 6. Yellow and Blue Earrings 7. Yellow and Purple Bracelet 8. Child's Lemon Dress 9. Yellow Flower Crochet Hat

So, yesterday I was completely embarassed! We've (ok I've) been really trying to push the potty training and pantie wearing thing a lot lately. I mean, it's summer and I'm sure it must feel so much better wearing panties than a big, fat, wet diaper in this heat. So anyways, I digress... we stopped in at the pharmacy to pick up some mosquito repelent as they seem to have half devowered my poor Isabella and I'm afraid if she spends another 1/2 hour out in our garden area she'll completely disappear. I turned around to check on Isabella as she always likes to sit in the baby section because they have baby toys etc... and she was standing there looking at me... with THAT face. "OH NO!" She had an accident. Ok, it was her first but I was so embarassed. I quickly grabbed my wipes in the stroller and the kleenexes and tried to clean it up. The ladies told me not to worry about it but this is my first time going through this and I felt so bad. Then to top it off, the Doctor who owns the pharmacy went and gave Isabella this little rubber watch/bracelet. Great, my kid pees on the floor and they give us free stuff! I know I should get over it and it is a tile floor and is easy to clean up, but still, I felt horrible! Next time I'm bringing extra panties!

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dana said...

YOU ARE AMAZING! Thank you for all the great italy info! Pumpkin ravioli has been on my list from the moment we decided on Italy :).
And I'm happy you know of a dessert I can still fit in when I'm already full. Perfect!
Seriously, thanks for taking the time to type out all those tips. We'll have to try them out!
And thanks for stopping by MADE :)
- dana

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