Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Saturday at Lago d'Iseo

We have friends who live in Sarnico (near Bergamo) that we haven't seen since before we moved to Canada. Giovanni finally had a Saturday off that worked out (well sort of) with them so we could get in a bit of a visit.

It was a perfect day! We got in the car early in the morning and headed out of this gloomy, grey, overcast day to spend the day at the lake. When we got there the sun was out, it was warm (ok except for the ever so slight breeze off the lake). We met Marino and took a little walk along the lake so Isabella could feed the swans... we remembered to pack old bread this time. She loved it!

Isn't Sofia just rockin' this kitty hat I made her? I just love this picture I got of her.
Isabella and I played in the leaves for a bit.... Giovanni was worried about us stepping in the "poopies" from dogs.... people should just learn to pick up after their dogs so little kids (and moms) can enjoy playing in the leaves... I said who cares and we went on about playing...
This little walkway went out over the water... really this town is so nice... I told G we should move there... we'd be closer to his sister as well plus we'd maybe get a bit nicer weather other than the permanent grey we get all fall and winter.
We stopped for lunch with Marino. Elena (Marino's wife) joined us as well as their son.Then Marino showed us the playground nearby so Isabella could have some fun... even Sofia enjoyed her first swing ride. Yes, her first. There aren't any playgrounds near our house with swings (don't even get me started on the playgrounds in our town!) Needless to say, Sofia LOVED the swings. Can you tell by the 2 tooth grin from ear to ear?This playground was so nice... first off it was fenced... not like the big playground in our town which has tall grass and is not fenced... did I mention ours is right on the state highway running through our town? Yep, we've never visited THAT playground. Anyways, this playground had all rubber on the ground and well kept playgound equipment (unlike the "new" playground near our house which is only 2 years old and the merry go round is already broken and my 2 yr old can't even go on it... but I digress). It has 3 little areas - 2-4 years and 5-10 I believe and 11 and up.... very nice playgound, heck I'd move just for that! Also there's a cute little gazebo shaped coffee house right inside the playground. Perfect for cool days like that Saturday. We went in to warm up and for a hot chocolate.
We had just a tiny bit of bread left.... so we had to feed ALL of the birds and swans again. Another man with his daughter came and let Isabella throw in some of their bread too.

It was such a nice day out of the house. The girls were so tuckered out! As soon as we were in the car they pooped out.

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Ashley Summer said...

Hi Melissa!
I found your blog through etsy, I think and started following. You have a beautiful family! I too have found love in Italy (though I'm an American) and I enjoy reading your stories! Hope to keep in touch!

Ashley Summer


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