Saturday, September 30, 2006

Suzy Homemaker Strikes Again!

Well, apparently my distaste for pasta right now has created a new found urge to learn how to cook things I could easily buy back home. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It all started last night when the gears in my brain started turning so hard I'm sure there was smoke coming from my ears. I was craving good ol' cream of mushroom soup! Onto the internet I go. I figured it really can't be that hard to make and hopefully I had the things to make it. Well, did a little googling and found several recipes all varying slightly but I basically got the gist of what was needed and what I had to do...

Into the kitchen, pots and pans out... I began chopping away at some onions and garlic. I put them in a pot with about 3 tablespoons of butter and started browning. Then I added some broth seasoning (kind of like those little cubes but this is a powder), my frozen mushrooms and a little water and let it bubble. Add some salt and pepper to taste and then mix in a good tablespoon of flour to help thicken it. Mixing well, I then added a cup or 2 of milk and "wha-la!" After 2 minutes of letting it bubble and thicken I had concocted what I thought looked reasonably like cream of mushroom soup! Now, would it taste good I thought... DELICIOUS! I loved the bit of garlic taste to it! Definately something I'll have to try to make for hubby to see if he likes it.

Well, Suzy didn't stop there! I had a serious hankering for homemade cookies and had asked mom and Tammy for a few recipes and today Smartie Cookies it was! I started mixing and blending ingredients and in no time the batter was ready to be made into golden medallions filled with chocolate surprises! They turned out so good but I did discover that in my tiny little oven I only had to leave them in for 8 minutes instead of 10. Hopefully a few of these last until hubby gets home from work in around a week and a half!

And Suzy is still going.... so tonight I figured, well cream of mushroom soup was easy, why not cream of potato? It's a nice, warm, stick to your ribs kind of soup (and I was out of mushrooms). So I searched the internet once again to see if anything really varied in the recipes and found that it was basically the same. Off to the kitchen I went, boiling, chopping, sautèing and mixing... well this time i think I did a better job because the garlic and onion taste was just right. Not too prominent and not without flavour... I actually made a bit too much so we'll see if it reheats nicely tomorrow.

So Suzy had a full 2 days of posessing me, but it's ok, at least I learned how to make a different kinds of soup!

Oh yeah, before this Suzy Homemaker signs out, here's a little scrapbooking/visual inspiration:
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Ok this one is for the yummy Halloween food ideas and sheer shabbiness!
And this last one is just because of the cute hat the little girl is wearing!!!

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