Friday, September 22, 2006

Searching for Inspiration...

So quite often I find myself surfing the net and checking out scrapper's blogs for some kind of inspiration to do up my own scrapbook pages. I've stumbled across some great forum sites with galleries and also some great blogs too.

Ok, so upon occasion (especially lately) I've been doing a bit of "crop-lifting" but sometimes I think it's the best sign of admiration. I mean there are some fierce croppers out there! So I decided to dedicate this post to scrapping...

So I've decided to include a link or two to some nice scrapbooking blogs I've stumbled across. There might be a little inspiration in these pages that get's your creative juices flowing... hey we all need a little inspiration sometimes!

Bits & Bytes:
Because You're Speshal!:
And finally, I included this one cuz the dare (Dare No. 40) is all about FRIENDS... be it old friends, new friends, lost friends... the latest dare is to scrapbook your friends... now what a better idea than that!
We Dare You:

I hope this helps you find a few new blogs out there you've never stumbled across and maybe helps you get at least one great cropped page done too! We all need a little inspiration sometime, I hope I inspired you!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cool sites! IS that why we all got those calendar pages?

Love ya
Miss ya

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