Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So yesterday was a great day!

Hubby was home for the day and treated me to Mickey D's! (Well, only because he knows I've been craving it and I almost crawled through the phone when he said he was eating there the day before!) So before we headed to Mickey D's, we had to go to the bank in Cremona and while driving around I told Giovanni that I heard my friend Kirsten and her husband had moved back to Cremona for the waterpolo season (Jeff plays professionally). So he suggested I try calling her and see if we wanted to get together.

In the meantime, I swore I saw Jeff on his bike just before I pulled my cell out of my purse but figured, there's a lot of people in Cremona and I'm sure it probably wasn't him... so I called Kirsten and turns out it was Jeff I saw! So we turned around and picked them up and off to Mickey D's we go! How exciting for me! Mickey D's AND english all in the same day... (yeah, not too much really happens in my life while G is gone to work).... but it was really a good time!

I know, Mickey D's isn't the most healthy of places to eat but when you're a Canadian living in Italy getting your ABSOLUTE fill of pasta, that greasy burger with cheese, bacon, sauce and whatever else they put on it looks pretty darn good! Thank you Mickey D's for inventing the Crispy McBacon!!!! Wayyyyy too yummy! Don't forget the fries too! You need your salt fix too!

So it was a great treat for me, but my BFF asked me later in an email if I got like 50 burgers to go.... believe me I was pondering getting like 2 or 3 to go, but I didn't really want to look like a little piggy so maybe when hubby is home next time we might just have to make a trip!!

As for all our chattering (me and my 2 BFFs) on the email about Mickey D's, I really hope SGF opted for a nicer restaurant for her anniversary as Schmoopy wanted to take her out... remember, you can always get take out to go home for later!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the fries pic!~

Miss ya!

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