Thursday, March 15, 2007

Isabella's story...

Ok, so here's the funny story on Isabella's birth...

So as most of you visitors here know, hubby is a tour bus driver... well, lets just say he has now taken it to the extreme!

So March 10th came and hubby had to work early in the morning so off he went at 4:30 am... when he returned he started cleaning up the house as it was G's sister and brother-in-law's 28th wedding anniversary so they were going to come here for a visit and then we planned to all go out for supper... well they called and said they had car trouble and couldn't come. I too had gotten up a little earlier than usual (8:30 am but remember, I haven't been sleeping hardly at all at night so my wake up time is usually 10am.) Anyways, I got up at 8:30 because I wanted to make some cookies before they got here. In the meantime, hubby got home and went into what I now call "nesting mode" because once he started cleaning, it got serious! He broke out the bleach and cleaners and literally started cleaning the house from top to bottom! So the family couldn't come, so we decided that afternoon we'd go for a walk and pay a visit to a lady and her son that we know here and try to get me outta the house and walking more as my feet had started swelling this past week. Well, we did a LONNNNNNNG walk! I was pooped when we got home! We had supper and crawled into bed to relax and watch a movie. Also hubby had to work early again (6 am) the next morning... so we stayed up, watched a movie and around 11 pm G tried to go to sleep. I of course wasn't ready to doze off so I sat up and watched TV. Well, Isabella being the "11:30 Girl" that she is (11:30 at night on the clock she'd always start kicking me), decided that my water should break... right at 11:30 pm of course! It totally shocked me as I felt no contractions or anything wierd... and I knew I didn't wet the bed. (tee hee). I woke up hubby (of course he thought I was waking him for something dumb) and he called the hospital to see if they thought in fact it was my water and to let them know we'd be coming.

Now remember, hubby worked this morning and had to work again early the next morning... well, he left the car at the garage where he works and brought the bus home with him... that's right everyone! He took me to emergency in the tour bus! I was paranoid about leaking all over one of the seats as I was constantly leaking water! Well, we pulled up and G got some people from the hospital to wheel me in while he parked the bus somewhere. When he arrived upstairs the nurses and the obstetrician on duty were joking about how they were wondering what kind of emergency they were going to have on their hands with a bus coming in. They wheeled me in, hooked me upto some monitors and waited to see what we were going to do. Finally my contractions started shortly after and about 7 minutes apart at that. Then they wheeled me into a private room to wait for the delivery to progress... of course I hadn't gotten any sleep so by 3 hours or so before Isabella was born, I was cooked! I could barely keep my eyes open, I had bad back labour, I couldn't even imagine falling asleep! But no epidural! I did at one point ask hubby for it as my back was killing me but I was already 7cm and they said it would only prolong the delivery more.

So finally it was time to start pushing, then they wheeled me upstairs to the delivery room where Isabella Grace joined us at 11:50 am... almost 11:30! Sorry Isabella, mommy didn't push soon enough but almost! Anyways, she's still our 11:30 girl, cute as can be weighing an even 3kg and 49 cm long. We stayed in hospital for 3 days and came home on the 14th.

So that's her story...cute hey?


Sheila said...

That's awesome! Glad everything went well! Congratulations to all of you!

Sheila said...

That's awesome! Glad everything went well! Congratulations to all of you!

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