Monday, March 05, 2007

Grocery Shopping in Style!

Well, my friends always said I was more of a shopping/style finatic than them but this was SO FUN for me!

Hubby had a job the other day where he had to be a personal driver for someone so.... the night before he brought home the vehicle he had to use for the next day... of course I needed to do some grocery shopping so this is what he picked me up in...

Yep! A Porche Cayenne! Grocery shopping in style! This was a gorgeous vehicle... did you now it even lifts and lowers depending on what kind of terrain you are on... if you are off roading, set it higher or if you want to cruise the Autobaun, set it to lower.... so cool!

I told hubby he had to convince his boss to lend it to us for my last month as it is way easier getting in and out of than our car! HAHA!

Did we get to keep it? Yeah right, we're back in the Mondeo... but I can say we've driven in a Porche!

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