Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Scrappin' Again...

Well, actually I have been working on this one Sarnico page for a while... I was a bit stumped by what to do with it... I loved the picture cuz it reminded me of our visit there. We went there to meet up with an old army buddy of G's and our friends Mary and Luca were also joining us that evening.

While waiting we checked out the market that was on... I wish I had been more "touristy" that evening cuz some of the vendors selling meats, had stuffed wild boar heads... I've never seen one! They're huge! Wild boar (or cinghiale - pronounced ching-gee-a-lee) is a popular meat here. G's boss likes to go in the mountains and hunt them.

Anyways, while we were waiting, we walked over to the lake to watch the swans, ducks and birds... that's pretty much all we could watch because the fog was so thick... then a family came along with some crusty bread and started feeding them... it was awesome! The birds were flying around and the swans were fluffing up their wings trying to steal the bits of bread from the younger, smaller swans... (pecking order and all)...

After that we headed to a cute little cafe to chat and get aquainted and then off for a yummy dinner. It was a great evening!

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