Friday, February 09, 2007

33 Weeks and Counting...

So we had our last ultrasound yesterday... AND... yesterday was picture day! Hubby was actually home for picture day too.

So as for the ultrasound appointment.... everything is apparently looking good... heartbeat is normal, size is approx 2100g so they think baby will be around 3.5 kg when born... so sounds like it won't be an overly tiny baby for me like my fortunate sister had.... twice might I add... lucky bum! Hers were both 5lbs 8oz. and 5lbs 8.5 oz.... sounds like this little rigatoni will be around 7 1/2 lbs.... I was complimented on my "pancia" (belly) by the ultrasound tech... apparently it's nice and round.... and I have been so fortunate to this point to not have any stretch marks... YET!.... knocking.... or should I say... pounding on wood!

Well, as for the picture day.... if you've been reading... hubby and I decided that on the same day of every month, we'd do belly shots (no not the liquor ones....tee hee!) to see how my belly has grown. Well, here's a sample pict... I'll be doing some scrapbook pages up soon of the rigatoni and my belly.

Oh yeah, here's also a little sampling of a church we came across yesterday on our way home from the ultrasound. We stopped at Castelmaggiore (hope I spelled it right). This tiny little church is so simple and plain on the outside... pinkish stucco with white trim... we never expected to find this inside.... it was literally completely covered in paintings. It was so gorgeous... so if you are in Europe and you find a little church that is quite demur on the outside... don't pass up seeing it on the inside... it just might surprise you!

Well, that's it for now...


Princess Haiku said...

Dear Lissy,
I was happy to find you on Blogspot as my virtual digs are here too. I also became tired of MSN thrashing my space. Congratulations on the coming baby and I wish you all the joys of motherhood. Your space is looking great too. Will be back.

Qiana said...

Great work.

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