Sunday, January 14, 2007

So Frustrating!

So hubby and I decided off the bat we didn't want to find out the sex of baby... but man, you'd think every other Italian does find out!

Neutral (yellow, green or cream) clothes for little babies are practically non-existent - unless you want to pay 25 euros for a little sleeper or 35 euros for a cream sweater!

Everything is literally in pink or blue! So if we want to buy anything ahead of time to have washed and ready for when baby comes home, poor baby boy will be wearing pink or poor baby girl will be wearing blue! GRRR!!!! I managed to find some yellow onsies on sale in yellow and green (but the green was way hideous!).

I told G we should open up a business for just neutral clothes, there's definately a market for it here as even the expensive shops mostly stick with pink and blue too.

Well, that was my rant for today... thanks for listening.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzy,
I found you via MSN but I am also on blogspot now. Having to run advertisements for MSN was the last straw.

Congratulations on the coming baby. I personally like bright, cheerful primary colors, tie dyes and stripes for little ones. I think they like colors too. The pink/blue thing is very boring. Take good care of team Lizzy.

Princess Haiku said...

I agree with you about how boring the pink/blue thing is. I think small children prefer bright primary colors, za za boom prints, stripes, tie-dyes and colors galore.They have been "turn around" stores in the states for mommies and they are filled up with inexpensive, never been used outfits. Babies grow so fast they rarely get to wear all of their cute things. I notice that everyone has their infants in little jackets and outfits with animal ears on them. -too cute.

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