Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So I'm not an Etsy virgin anymore. Have you ever checked out some of the stuff on there? There's some pretty cool handmade stuff!

Ok, so the money I've made so far on the sale of my kits, I decided to get the girls some super cute new hats for this fall/winter. You gotta go check out this shop!

What's On A Name

She's got some super cute hats for kids!!! And, I did some searching on Etsy to try and decide what I wanted to get and I found her hats to be super cute and her pricing and shipping aren't outrageous!

So wanna see what I ordered?
This is for Sofia

This is for Isabella Super cute hey? And she has some other great stuff like tutus and jewellery.

Oh I can't wait till I get them in the mail!!!


Melissa said...

They are so cute.

Lilach Oren said...

Wow!!! Love thos photos! she looks so sweet

wendy said...

The pictures are soo cute!!

Meg said...

Thanks for coming by my blog today! Mt SITS featured day has been great!

Have a great day!

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