Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Day at the Lake
We decided to go visit G's sister and husband the other day. It was too hot to hide out in the house (and really, how much fun is that?) so we decided to head to the lake! (Ok, so that's really the only reason we went to visit anyways as we did intend to stay home and get some things finished around the house.) Off to Lago di Como.... yes I know you readers are asking yourselves..."Isn't that where George Clooney has a house?" Yes it is but not this part of the lake.... see the mountains in the picts... well he's on the other side of those. We didn't want to waste our day being hounded by paparazzi! haha! Just kidding.
It was gorgeous there! We found a nice little spot to sit on the grass in the shade and there was even a nice soft breeze. I quite enjoyed myself as we had 2 extra babysitters to help watch the girls so I could finally look at my magazine I bought almost a month ago and still haven't found time to look at it. Needless to say that was cut short as everybody kep bugging me to come over to where the kids were playing.... because I've never seen Isabella go down the slide before... ok so no one understands that mommy needs a few minutes every once in a blue moon to herself. Alright, so I gave in. At least I got 1/2 an hour or so.
G and Michele took Isabella to go play in the water for a little while. I never got any picts because it was a little way away from where we were sitting. Apparenlty she loved it even though it was really chilly water.
We stayed till after sunset, managed to get some pictures and pooped the girls right out. It was really a nice day. Would love to go back... maybe see if we can take a tour on the lake or something next time.


Zippizip said...

Stopping by from the DST Blog train - What a beautiful place to spend an afternoon at! I love the second to last picture - very cute!

Stan at Scrappers Workshop

TotallyD said...

great pictures!

wendy said...

wow those pictures are so beautiful!!! It sounds like you had fun on the lake!!

farfalla said...

Great Pic`s!!! Hugs from DST's blog train!

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