Friday, November 17, 2006


So I got busy this morning after returning from school and made Panna Cotta.... yummy!

It's this yummy little dessert they have here in Italy. I would describe it as a creamy type of jell-o (I guess) topped with caramel or fruity syrup.

Anyways, hubby showed me you can buy these handy little kits to make it and tried it out last time he was home. (He made it while I was napping so I couldn't see how easy it was). Anyways, before he left for this last tour, he bought 2 boxes (you think he knows I like dessert?) for me incase I wanted to make it. Well, I know me better and have been looking at these 2 boxes sitting on the shelf for a week now but will power has been strong and I've waited till today to make it since hubby will be home tomorrow afternoon. Man was it ever easy! And the instructions were in Italian too!

So today I made the fruity syrup kind. Of course I had to make sure it tasted ok before hubby comes home and I must say, I need to pat myself on the back for not screwing it up!

So they give you this little cardboard fold out box to put the stuff in but I opted for putting it in individual glasses (so I don't eat the whole damn thing). Mine kind of looks like this.

So you boil 200ml of cream with 300ml of milk then after it's boiled, add the packet and mix well, then boil again for 2 minutes and pour in the mold or glasses. Let cool and put in fridge for like 4 hours. When ready to eat just pour the yummy syup on top and hork out!

This is what it usually looks like in restaurants but I figure mine is pretty nice too. Good enough for hubby and me.... Right now Panna Cotta is running neck-in-neck with Tiramisu for my favorite desserts to order.... hmmmmm wonder if they have a box to make that?

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I just came to wish you a happy thanksgiving filled with love and the company of your loved ones.
This is for you,
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