Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Day in Vigoleno, Italy

Here's a little teaser of what this place looks like. We got together with some of G's friends he hasn't seen in a while and had lunch.... well, Italians' "lunch on a Sunday" is like a big fancy dinner we'd have back home! Seriously, I thought the food would never stop coming!

We arrived around 10:30-11:00 am and checked out the castle then went in to eat (the restaurant was inside the castle). Started out with water and wine (red and white), starters (sliced meats and vegetables that I would describe as sort of pickled - but not really). Then came the pastas... 3 different kinds to try. After that then came the "secondos" which was like 4 or 5 different kinds of meat like pork, wild boar, German pheasant (I believe) and mushrooms, polenta, potatoes, and apple sauce. Oh no, we aren't finished there.... Then comes dessert (which I definately tried to find room for). Most of us had Tiramisu or else sorbet (but theirs you sip through a straw from a glass). It all finishes off with caffé... and of course the bill. Actually for all that yummy goodness it only came to 65 euros a couple (which I found quite resonable). As you can imagine we didn't finish lunch until like 2 - 2.5 hours later. It was definately worth it though!!!

Here's a cute little fall picture we took... so Italian hey?

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Dori said...

Hey you! I actually updated my blog a bit! Added some new pics, updated your blog link, how bad am I hey?


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