Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving at Cesenatico

Giovanni had to work thi weekend but got to take us with him on Thanksgiving Sunday to Cesenatica, Italy. We had to leave the house by 6 a.m. but heck, it was worth it! Plus I think Isabella and Sofia got to steal a few hearts that day.... the bus was full of older people... lots of new nonnas and nonnos for them to flirt with!
Giovanni and Isabella checking out the "fishies" in the canal in the center of town. They were both down on their knees looking at the little crabs all climbing on the canal walls and watching the little fish swim by. They even tried to feed the fish Ritz crackers... but the fish just swam away... apparently they don't know the yum factor of Ritz crackers like my kids do.

All these boats are the museum here. These are boats that really used to be used for fishing etc on the sea. Now they are tied up here for people to enjoy and learn about them. What a fantastic museum hey?Sofia had to get in the shot as well... sorry hunny, you're too small to get on your knees to check out the fishies, maybe next year. She is pretty cute rockin' out in the stroller though.
So when Sofia and I were walking along the pier to get over to where Giovanni and Isabella were playing on the beach we had to walk past these little fishing houses. See the brown one there? They were enjoying the sea's bounties for lunch... they kept dropping the net and pulling it up. I saw them feasting out on the deck with full platters and yummy bottles of vino! Now if it was Thanksgiving here, that would be an awesome Italian way to do it!
Isabella and Giovanni hard at work building the Fortress of Champions. Giovanni would build and Isabella would destroy whilst trying to help.... I guess you could say we had our own mini war attack on our own Castello. Giovanni evenually had to give up the fight and retreat.... for a nap that is. Momma was in charge of helping from here on in.... and thus the result was this:
Isn't it pretty? Now that's a castle fit for a Queen and her 2 Princesses. Isabella did 90% of the decorating. She even got soaked finding shells in the water. We originally tried to keep her dry but the sea was calling and when that happens to my little Pisces there's no fighting it. Heck she didn't care, until it was time to change and head back to the bus that is.
This was our lunch as there was no room for the stroller at the restaurant where we were supposed to eat with the group. Instead I went and got some french fries at the restaurant on the beach and we finished that off with some bananas and persimmon we bought earlier. Sofia thoroughly enjoyed the persimmon... we heard many a "numm numm"s coming from her little mouth. Of course this picture I had to post despite it not including Sofia.... I was trying to take a picture with me in it for a change and look at the lovely turkey face my husband makes... haha... thought you were funny hey?
And finally, after all my bellyaching (as my husband would say), I finally got in a family shot. I'm usually on the other end of the camera so it's nice to finally be in at least one photo for the girls scrapbooks. Aren't we just so beachy cute? I'm rockin' out my brand-spankin'-new pagmina I bought for 5 euros.... not a bad deal... it's pretty blue and soft... perfect for beach photos.

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