Thursday, July 16, 2009

Last Sunday Giovanni took us gals to the pool at Fiorenzuola for an afternoon of "chuffy chuffy" as Isabella says. Isabella LOVED it! She wasn't scared of the water at all which was awesome but G really had to watch her cuz she would just keep walking and walking deeper and deeper. She even tried to go into the deeper pool! Sofia got to dunk her feet but of course she didn't stay too long at it was naptime so we hung out under the trees relaxing, reading my magazine, people watching and yes... she slept... for 2 1/2 hours! All that fresh air I guess. She loves her naps in the stroller.

Tomorrow G has to take some people to the pool so he's going to cart us along. Well, better go. Have to make pasta salad to take tomorrow and Sofia just woke up. Here's a pict of Isabella swimming.


Mask by Kimla Designs


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TotallyD said...

you definitely love photomasks :D thnx for playing

Audrey said...

sounds like a perfect afternoon. that's a beautiful layout, too! thanks for sharing.

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