Monday, July 02, 2007

Our Canada Day In Italy...

So here's a few update pictures...
First off... I made Giovanni stop here to take some picts because the sunflower field was so pretty. I was hoping Isabella would be awake for a picture but of course, after a nice little trip in the car, she was out cold sleeping.... so it's just G and me. Pretty hey?

This was our Canada Day... G's friend Luca finally had a day off from the tours so we got together for a BBQ at Mary's mom's place. It was so pretty there. We sat outside and ate under this big kiwi plant. This place has a great view of the mountains all around.Isabella sporting her new sunglasses we bought for when we go to the sea on our vacation... what a cutie posing and all!These are the kiwi plants growing all over the trellis where we ate. I've never seen a kiwi plant before so I had to take a picture.And this corn was crazy tall... I'm standing really close so you can get the idea of how tall it really is.And of course we wanted to get a nice group photo.Mary and Luca with Isabella.


Lucie said...

Hello! My first time here and I must say I feel very comfy:-) Beautiful pictures! Not sure but are those my scalloped frames (Lemonaid Lucy)?:-) I'm beyond flattered! How's life for a Canadian in Italy? It looks great from the photos! I'm in Spain but originally from the Czech Republic:-)

KirstieGai said...

wonderful photos, the field of sunflowers looks wonderful

Kylie said...

great photos lissy1 I just LOVE sunflowers:)

Maggie said...

Hi Lissy:
I luv your blog. I need to ask you a question.
Can you please email me at

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