Monday, June 11, 2007

Finally finished...
Well I FINALLY got this page done! I started it like 2 months ago... I saw this idea on a scrapping sight and thought it was a perfect page to scrap. It's true, when really pregnant, you don't get to see your feet so much and when you want to paint your nails or even put on socks... let me tell you... it's quite a feat! Giovanni offered many a times to put my socks on for me but I insisted I do it myself as I needed to if he wasn't home to do it for me. I did enjoy the foot rubs hubby gave me the last few weeks as my ankles and feet were swollen... I almost asked him to help touch up my toe nail polish one time too!

1 comment:

Kristen (Quirky) said...

ok..this is way cute!!! I'll have to keep it in mind when we try for another little one :)

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